1.Structure of iTEP listening.

2.Each part in details with example and strategy.

3.Practice resources for iTEP resources


The iTEP listening is made up of three parts.

Each of the listenings is followed by multiple choice questions.

In all sections, you have to first listen and then answer questions so you don’t know exactly which questions are coming.

For this reason, the candidate is always advised to take notes.

Listening Part 1.

In part 1, you have to listen to four short conversations and answer one multiple choice question about each short conversation.

You have 20 seconds to answer the question.

The short conversations are normally between 12-17 seconds.

Listening Part 2.

In listening part 2, you have to listen to one long conversation and answer four multiple choice questions about it.

You have 30 seconds to answer each question.

The long conversation last between 2 and a half and 3 minutes.

Listening part 3

In listening part 3, you have to listen to one long lecture about a random topic and then answer 6 multiple choice questions about it.

The lecture can be between 3-4 minutes and you have 30 seconds to answer each question.


Getting a C2 in iTEP is possible if you handle these listenings  in a practical way using specific strategies for each question type.

Strategies for listening Part 1.

You need to first understand the types of listening that are applied in this audio. These are normally short conversations at work, home or school.

The best way to excel in this part is to focus on four things. If you can identify these four key items in these short conversations, I guarantee that you will get 4/4 in this part.

The four key items are

a)The two speakers and their relationship. 

b)The problem or situation at hand

c)The solution to the problem at hand.

d)What’s probably going to happen next.

Sometimes, some of these four details may not be directly stated but you have to use the information given to you so that you make an educated guess.

Always, the questions asked will come from these four items.

Take an example of these questions by iTEP.

1.Listening Part 1 Question 1 Audio

Pay close attention to the conversation and focus on the four things mentioned above.

Now before we look at the question, let us answer the four basic questions

1.Speaker are their relationship –  Husband and wife.

2.Situation/Problem – Man has a headache

3.Solution – Take some aspirin

4.What’s happening next – Rest for some time.

Using our notes, we know that the answer is option C – Rest a little while.

Let us look at another example.

Again, pay close attention to capture the four basics about the dialogue(Speakers, problem,solution and what’s next)

Listening 1 Question 2 Audio

Using the four basic question as our basis,

1.Speakers and relationship –Test taker and test supervisor

2.Problem/Situation at hand – Woman has a problem with homework.

3.Solution – Meet outside class

4.What’s happening next –Meet after class. 

Using our notes, we can deduce that Option D  is the correct answer. She is his test taker.

The next time you are doing a listening Part 1 test, focus on those four things and you will always have the correct answer.

Use these  tests for Part 1 Practice

1.Test 1

2.Test 2

3.Website for listening Part 1 practice