1. Is iTEP accepted in the USA ?

The iTEP test is accepted in selected colleges and Universities in the USA. You may have to cross check with your college or University first before you sit for it. This is the complete list of these institutions.

2.Is the iTEP test easy?

There is no test that is necessarily easy or difficult. It all depends on how prepared the candidate is. A seemingly ‘’easy’’ exam can turn out to be  very difficult in the hands of an unprepared student and a seemingly ‘’difficult’’ exam can also turn out to be easy in the hands of a prepared student. But putting all factors into consideration,the ITEP test is considerably easier if compared with other English proficiency tess such as TOEFL,IELTS AND CAE. This is in terms of complexity of the language used,length/duration of the test, structure and composition of the test.

3.What is a good score in iTEP?

Generally speaking, a B2 level at 3.7 is a good score both at professional and academic level.However,a good iTEP score depends on what score the examiner wants and the purpose of the exam. There are some cases when the examiner is expected to have a C1 especially if you are going to be working in a workplace where the language used is strictly English.

4.What is iTEP?

iTEP is the Internationational Test of English proficiency that assesses your level in English in Grammar, Listening,Reading,Writing and Speaking. The test is administered in 90 minutes both via online and physical medium.

5.How many times can I take iTEP?

You can take the iTEP test as many times as you wish.

However bear in  mind that you can take the official iTEP exam once a month. As for the practice tests, you can take one every three days.

6.Where is iTEP accepted? 

iTEP is accepted in many institutions all over the world in both English Speaking and non English countries 52 in total. 

7.How do I prepare for the iTEP exam?

Your preparation will largely depend on your current level of English. But basically what you have to do is:

1.Understand the test structure,flow and timing.

2.Do a complete diagnostic test to find out your weaknesses and strengths. You can pay $15 and do one for iTEP or select one free from this link -https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLXEXcPLGZKCoAczayqo0YzKbG0s5cTsbu 

3.Work on your weaknesses and strengths until you are ready for the test.You may use a teacher to solve these weaknesses or do it personally if you are an autonomous learner. I recommend getting a teacher.

4.Do another diagnostic test before you do your official test to see if you are ready.Then do your official test.

8.How much is the iTEP test?

The iTEP test costs 129 if you pay for it directly from the iTEP website here -https://www.itepexam.com/product/academic-plus/ and $150 if you get it through agents in your country.

9.Is the iTEP test hard?

The iTEP test is generally easier compared to other international proficiency exams  like IELTS and TOEFL but your grade will depend on how well prepared you are.

10.What is the highest score of iTEP?

The highest iTEP score is a 6 which is a C2  level and it is considered mastery level. 

11.How long do iTEP results take?

iTEP results take 24 hours. As for the diagnostic test, you will receive your results immediately after doing the test via your email. Alternatively you can log into . Enter your ID and either your names, test ID or birthday to see your results.

12.How do I register for iTEP test?

Just go HERE and schedule a test or contact an iTEP academic center in your city to schedule a test for you.

13.How long is the iTEP test?

The iTEP test takes approximately 90 minutes. This includes the duration for all skills and the breaks in between.

14.How long does iTEP last OR How long is my score valid?

The iTEP test certificate is valid for 2 years.

15.What is the most difficult part of the iTEP test ?

For many students listening part 3(Listening to a lecture) is the most difficult part of the test.