Example of visa extension

While staying in a foreign country, one of the worst things you can do is to stay without a VISA for many days, weeks or months. So how long can a foreigner stay in Ecuador without a VISA ?

A foreigner can stay for up to 90 days without a VISA using an immigration extension.

What is the procedure of getting this 90-day VISA extension ?

You need to provide these three crucial requirements

  1. A valid and current passport
  2. Extension request form – You can download the extension requisition form here
  3. Original Bank payment receipt of $141.67 for the extension payment.

Online procedure

Step by step process of the online procedure.

1.You need to visit the ‘’online procedure page’’  of the ministry of foreign affair through this link

2.Fill in the information that will be requested by the form.

3.After filling in all the information, a virtual Services analyst will contact you between 30 minutes to 2 working hours. This can be by email or by a direct phone call so keep your phone with you.

4.After validating your information, you will be requested to go to Banco del Pacifico to make payment of $141.67. You need to inform the Bank teller that you want to pay for immigration extension using code 4.6 they will understand and help you gladly.These will issue you a receipt as proof of payment.

5.After making the payment, send the proof of payment to the Virtual analyst that has been assigned to you to take you through the procedure.

6/Once the information has been processed and authenticated the extension of stay will be issued.

7. The extension will be sent to your email.

Physical/ Face to face procedure

Step by step process of the face to face procedure.

1. Go to the Migration Support Service Units at the national level (SAM).

2. Request the code corresponding to the process of issuing and registering the migratory extension, to proceed with the payment at Banco del Pacífico.

3. Pay the value corresponding to the process of issuing and registering the migratory extension at the Banco del Pacífico or its correspondents at the national level.

4. Download and complete the extension form from the website of the Ministry of Government; through the following link

5. Submit the form and the original proof of payment to the Immigration Support Services, and request the issuance of the extension.

6. Receive the proof of issuance and registration of the migratory extension for permanence in the country.


AZUAYCUENCA(+593 7) 2821112Av. España y Eli Liut. Aeropuerto Mariscal La Mar.lunes a viernes 8:00 a 16:30
CARCHITULCÁN (+593 6)2986169Panamericana norte kilómetro 0.00, Puente Internacional  Rumichaca, Edificio CENAF Rumichaca.lunes a viernes 8:00 a 16:30
COTOPAXILATACUNGA(+593 3) 2813848Calle General Maldonado y Napo.lunes a viernes 8:00 a 16:30
EL OROMACHALA (+593 7) 2930883Calle 9 de Mayo entre Manuel Serrano y Manuel Estomba, Comando de la Policía Sub Zona 7, Machala.lunes a viernes 8:00 a 16:30
ESMERALDASESMERALDAS   Av. Jaime Roldos, Puerto Pesquero Artesanal, en las instalaciones del Centro de Atención Ciudadana CAC.lunes a viernes 8:00 a 16:30
GALÁPAGOSSANTA CRUZ (+593 5) 2526016Puerto Ayora,  Barrio Pelican Bay, Calle Matazarnos No. 163 (segundo piso)  y Floreana, Cantón Santa Cruz.  lunes a viernes 8:00 a 16:30
GALÁPAGOSSAN CRISTÓBAL(+593 5) 2520129Av. Perimetral Jaime Roldós Aguilera junto a Cerro Patricio, Barrio Fragata, Ref. Frente a la cancha de la estación terrena, ciudad de Puerto Baquerizo Moreno, Cantón Isla San Cristóbal.lunes a viernes 8:00 a 16:30
GUAYASGUAYAQUIL Av. Francisco de Orellana y Av. Paseo del Parque Samanes Bloque 6lunes a viernes 8:00 a 16:30
IMBABURAIBARRA(06) 2608-579Luis FernandoVillamar yOlmedo, junto a los bomberos.lunes a viernes 8:00 a 16:30
LOJALOJA (+593 7) 2573600Av. Orillas del Zamora y Juan de Velasco. Edificio Zonal 7 N° 88-102, planta baja. lunes a viernes 8:00 a 16:30
Calle José Luis Tamayo y Diego de Vaca. Edificio de la Gobernación de Zamora, planta baja, frente a la Intendencia  General de Policía.
lunes a viernes 8:00 a 16:30
MANABÍMANTA Av. 4 de noviembre y calle 303. Edificio de la Unidad de Vigilancia Comunitaria, planta baja. lunes a viernes 8:00 a 16:30
MANABÍPORTOVIEJO Km. 2 1/2 vía a Crucita junto al Comando de la Policía.lunes a viernes 8:00 a 16:30
NAPOTENA(+593 6) 2287691Av. 15 de Noviembre y Mariano Montesdeocalunes a viernes 8:00 a 16:30
ORELLANAEL COCA  (+593 6) 2881594Barrio: Simón Bolívar; Av. Alejando Labaka Km. 1, (Junto a la Policía Judicial de Orellana).lunes a viernes 8:00 a 16:30
PICHINCHAQUITO(+593 2) 2439-408Av. Amazonas N32-171 y Av. República.lunes a viernes 8:00 a 16:30
SANTA ELENALA LIBERTADS/NAv. Carlos Espinoza Larrea, vía principal a Salinas entre calles 5ta y 6ta (CAC).lunes a viernes 8:00 a 16:30
Av. Tsáchilas s/n y calle Rio Yasuní, frente al Cementerio General “Monseñor Emilio Lorenzo Sthele” Edf. Migración.
lunes a viernes 8:00 a 16:30
SUCUMBIOSLAGO AGRIO  (+593 6) 2991949Av. Circunvalación y Av. Gonzalo López Marañón, CAC 1er. Piso.lunes a viernes 8:00 a 16:30
TUNGURAHUAAMBATO(+593 3) 2586527Calle Pareja Diezcanseco y Av. Cernates.lunes a viernes 8:00 a 16:30

1.What is the cost of the procedure for making an extension ?

The procedure costs $141.67 which is a third of the Basic Salary.

2.How long does it take before the extension expires ?

The extension takes 90 days before its expiration.

3.How long does it take to do the procedure ?

It will take between an hour to 2 hours to complete the whole process. Play it safe by starting it in the morning because you must carry out the procedure on the same day when payment has been made.

4.Where can I download the form for the extension visa ?

You can download the form from this link on the ministry of foreign affairs website.

5.What happens if the extension expires ?

You will be requested to leave the country and failure to do so will put you at the risk of being fined.

Can foreigners open up a bank account in Ecuador ? What are the requirements ?

If you are planning on staying in Ecuador for some reasonable time, you will have to open up a bank account at some point.

Foreigners in Ecuador can open up a bank account without too much hustle.

What are the requirements for opening up a bank account in Ecuador ?

Sometimes it is better to access the bank you wish to open the account in first so that they can get you a list of requirements. 

Although the requirements might vary from bank to bank and from branch to branch, most of these will be similar.

1.A passport or an Ecuadorian cedula(if you have it)

2.A receipt of payment for basic services(water or electricity)

3.$5-$10 deposit for the debit card.

4.Valid VISA

5.Personal reference from an Ecuadorian.