The iTEP speaking exam consists of part 1 and 2.


In part 1, you are asked a question about your personal life. Some of the commonest  topics  may include hobbies, education, family life, work and daily routine. 

You will be able to see the question on the screen and listen to it.

You are given 30 seconds for preparation and 45 seconds to speak.

You will be shown a timer on the screen both for preparation and speaking time.

What is the examinee required to do in iTEP Speaking part 1 ?

The examinee is required to answer the question directly and give a relevant detail.

Do I need to plan for iTEP Speaking part 1 ?

Yes, you need to write down something to give you a basis to answer the question.

You just have to write down a short answer and then a detail that is relevant to it.


Step 1

You need to pay close attention to the question and understand exactly what is being asked.Put this question at the back of your mind when  planning a response.The main cause of bad scores in speaking is failure to understand the question.

Step 2

Write down a simple plan of your response. You need to note down a short summary of the answer and a little relevant detail to elaborate it.You have 30 seconds to do this. You need to do lots of practice to make sure that you can do this well before sitting the exam.

Step 3

You need to speak clearly and at the right pace. Not too slow and not too fast. I normally advise my students to imagine that they are having a normal conversation with a friend in a cafe.You have 45 seconds to produce your answer.

Free practice questions for speaking iTEP Speaking Part 1.

1) Describe the teacher who has made the biggest difference in your life. 

2) What is most difficult about learning a foreign language?

3) Tell how you can protect your house from intruders. 

4) Describe a family celebration that has special meaning for you. 

5) Describe your vision of an ideal vacation. 

6) Describe a major environmental problem and what you believe should be done about it. 

7) Describe, in detail, a team sport that interests you. 

8) What is special about you? Explain what makes you a unique individual. 

9) Describe your favorite game. 

10) Describe how weather affects your commute to school. 

11) Describe a typical day of your life. 

12) Tell how customers like to be treated in a store. 

13) Describe the best way to honor a hero. 

14) Describe the most effective teacher you have ever had. 

15) Do you enjoy long journeys? (What do you do to pass the time?)

16) Do you have to travel far every day? (Where do you have to go?)

17) Do you prefer to travel by car or public transport? (Why?)

18) Tell us about an interesting place you’ve travelled to. 

19) What good memories do you have of school?

20) Is there anything you would like to study in the future? (Why?)


Question 1

Which is the most popular sport in your country and why do you think it is popular ?


Football is the most pop’ sport

Reasons why – simplicity, cheap and accessibility 


The most popular sport in my country is soccer.It is played and supported almost everywhere by everyone across the board. The reason why it is popular is because of its simplicity as you do not need a lot of money or fancy equipment to play it as is the case in other sports like golf, American football or fencing . Secondly, its easy accessibility by everyone across the country regardless as long as you can get a ball and field to play it from. 

Question 2

Would you prefer to work for a big or small company? (Why?)


I’d prefer to work for a big company


Opportunity for growth and dev’t

Higher pay

Job security.


I would prefer to work for a big company because there are many opportunities for growth and development which is not the case in a small company. In addition to that, bigger companies generally tend to pay higher salaries compared to smaller one due to the fact that they have higher revenues which easily translate into having the ability to pay the employees better.With these higher salaries, you have a higher possibility of developing as a person. Finally, in a big company, there is job security because of the company’s financial stability given its longevity.

Question 3

Have you ever had a part-time job? (What do/did you do? Do/Did you enjoy it ?


Yes, I did.

I worked as a pump attendant

Nice experience, Source of income and got me business skills


Yes, I did. I had a part time job when I was at the university. I used to work in one of the biggest gas stations in my city during morning hours and then in the evening I would attend my University classes. My responsibility was to sell gas  and offer after sales services to the customers. It was a very fascinating experience since it gave me an opportunity to earn some money that I could use to satisfy my needs at school and it introduced me to the world of working and doing business.

Question 4

Describe one way you use the internet.


Ways I use the internet


Relaxation tool

Research purposes


I use the internet in very many ways. To begin with, I use it for communication with my friends, family and colleagues at work. I use it to send and receive texts,images,voices and documents both from work and from relatives. I also use it as a relaxation tool when I’m in my leisure time. Playing video games and listening to music are some of the thingsI do during this time.  Furthermore, it also helps me to do quick searches about various things I would like to know when I really can’t get an answer from a book.

Question 5.

What do you think of fast food ?


Its advantage – a conventinent type of food.

Disadvantage – Can cause some health problems.


I think fast food is food that is mainly for people who are time conscious but are really hungry. In my opinion, it serves the purpose of helping you to get something to eat and you don’t have a lot of time to prepare it even though you won’t get a lot of value from eating it. Fast food is okay if it is eaten moderately but at the same time, if you eat it habitually you are likely to have many health issues such as obesity, hypertension and diabetes.

That’s all the information you need to know about iTEP Speaking Part 1. If you want to know how to practice your own speaking at home, Read this article here